My name is Schaquita, and I’m the owner of Lavish Scrubz. I’m a nurse, who loves to dress cute, loves fashion and have style! I spend majority of my time dressed in scrubs because of my occupation. One day I started thinking about starting my own scrub line. I was tired of trying to find cute or nice fitting scrubs and most times being unsuccessful. I didn’t like the idea of having to go to work dressed so basic and other professions had the ability to switch up their style. So, I came up with a business plan, did some research and WALA! In came Lavish Scrubz.

Lavish Scrubz offers cute, stylish, fashionable scrubs that’s comfortable, fits, breathable, and contains nice material for everyone. We also include men’s scrubs, which are stylish and sleek. T-Shirts, Scrub Jackets and Accessories are also added to our collection. As once a consumer searching for scrubs, you won’t find what we have in stores. We’re looking forward to seeing you in your Lavish Scrubz and showing them off in style.